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As goal-oriented as you can be, it’s easy to stray off-course and throw in the towel, especially when things don’t go your way. If you’ve ever tried something that didn’t get you closer to your goals, have faith in knowing that this struggle could lead you to something better and bring out the best in you.

Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to make some changes in your personal and/or professional life. Take this opportunity to reinvent yourself, analyze the setbacks and learn from them. …

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Life is beautiful. Life has the ability to be our greatest teacher. It offers us knowledge, lessons, wisdom and insights into who we really are if we are open to learning everyday.

The year 2020 — I made the most of the extra hours of my quarantine time to improve on my meditation practice, catch up on my reading and re-watching old movies. Before the pandemic, I couldn’t find time…or rather refuse myself permission to take a break. For seven days a week, I was always busy working, doing, achieving.

As I spend more time unwinding this year, I became…

A global pandemic of this scale is inevitable. I urge you to meditate. Here’s why…

Isolation Mind — photo 1 by Arun Kapur, UK

Science, health and socio-economic experts are predicting how the pandemic will end. While they debate over how things are going to play out, it’s time that we check-in on our own mental health and wellbeing, as our lives are being altered by the pandemic.

According Dr. Nadine Burke Harris a California Surgeon General, mental illness if left unchecked will cause biological damages that could affect the way our bodies and brains function. It could affect a child’s brain development too. Children who are in the early stages of childhood development are the most vulnerable.

Self-care and mindful meditation are the…

But in moments like this I've been thinking, can we create this?

It’s Friday April 3rd, 2020. In my country, we have entered the second phase of the lockdown. Greater restrictions have been imposed this time. The military has been deployed to assist in what it’s called the Movement Control Order (MCO) in my country in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus.

A trip to the supermarket has been a challenge. We have to queue up for temperature checks and wear face masks before being allowed in for grocery shopping. The people who are allowed into the supermarket…

Why it matters to me?

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The thought or idea of organizing a local art & design event came to me about a year ago. I wanted to create an engaging platform for the local creative community in my region so that artists and designers can come together, build a network and advocate the value of arts & design.

Then another idea came about. I wanted the event to be a little different; to have meaning and to be impactful. Of course, all these were just thoughts.

The Path To Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur and running a social enterprise startup is never easy. It was even tougher for me as…

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